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What Sets Us Apart?

Ansari Haute Couture‘Quality thru Craftsmanship’
Attention to Detail

Why is Margaret's Cleaners
continually selected by
Southern California's most discerning residents,
and garment & purse retailers?


Family Owned Personalized Inspection Proprietary Processes & Supplies
Crystal Clear Solutions White, Silk, Linen, & Beads Exquisite Packaging
Stain Removal Designer Apparel Specialists Cleaner to the Stores
Garment Finishing Unique Services  

Crystal Clear Solutions (top)

Continuous filtration and distillation is required to provide fresh and clear cleaning solution. Impure solution, caused by bacteria growth and residual dyes, results in clothes smelling of solvent and produces dingy colors. Because purity is so important to us, we have our solutions checked quarterly by an independent laboratory.

Professional Stain Removal (top)

We perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures to make your garments look like new. Thoroughly experienced professionals bring their lifelong cleaning craftsmanship to your garments,\. Delicate dry cleaning, hand washing, and wet cleaning techniques are all utilized to protect your clothing investment. Garment restoration is available.

Meticulous Garment Finishing (top)

Proper garment finishing can tolerate no shortcuts as we demand the highest of standards from our pressers. Such impeccable finishing requires hand pressing craftsmanship on each and every garment. Even neckties are blocked to maintain their shape and assure no impressions. Stop in and ask to see some actual work, we’re always glad to show off.

Personalized Inspection (top)

At four different points during the cleaning process we personally inspect your garment to make sure we are adhering to your specific instructions and preferences. We really DO listen to you and attend to the smallest details for every piece that enters our facility.

Sweater in Sweater BagExquisite Packaging (top)

Our packaging is second to none. From our proprietary breathable sweater bags to our custom tie boxes the storage of a garment is a considerable concern of ours. For example, we fold and shelve our sweaters and ties to maintain their shape. For some items we offer a variety of storage methods, tablecloths can be returned over a hanger, on a roll to produce a creasless finish, or in a special tablecloth box suitable for storage in a linen cabinet. But we can also package according to your desires. Our comprehensive computer system can maintain your desires to as much detail as you wish. If you want your jeans hung by the waist and other pants over a strut hanger, no problem you need tell us only once.



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